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Wed, Apr 3, 2024 3:00 PM


On today’s show I speak with Jeremy Loffredo, an investigative journalist and filmmaker back from Israel where he filmed Israelis admitting to war crimes and calling for genocide.  Then Kevin Gosztola joins to give us the latest breaking updates on Julian Assange's case.

Jeremy Loffredo is an investigative journalist and filmmaker based in New York. He has spent the past few months documenting the explosion of settler violence in the West Bank and the increase of political and religious repression against Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem. Most recently, Loffredo spent time within the ranks of the Jewish Israeli nationalists invading Gaza to establish Jewish settlements and blocking humanitarian aid for starving Palestinians at the Gaza border. The Israelis admitted to war crimes and clamored for genocide.

Kevin Gosztola Curates The Dissenter at http://TheDissenter.org, is the author of “Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange," and co-host of the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast.

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