WBAI Partners

WBAI fulfills its mission to educate, promote, and aid creative activities which serve the cultural welfare of diverse communities by partnering with an array of not-for-profit organizations. Partnership support includes providing live airing of events, public service announcements, inclusion in our monthly e-newsletter, the recording and archiving of performances, space for public meetings, and opportunities for experimental use of the radio and other disciplines.

WBAI benefits from partnerships by expanding our exposure to new listeners, through discounts for WBAI members, access to the use of larger public facilities for events, and by bringing an additional array of contemporary topics to the air.

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At present we partner and act as a media sponsor for the following organizations:

The Cell

The Cell - an experimental theater group for playwrights and a collective for artists to incubate and present new works of art.


Poet's House

Poet’s House - offers poetry resources and literary events that document the wealth and diversity of modern poetry, and stimulate public dialogue on issues of poetry in culture.

With over 50,000 volumes of poetry—including books, journals, chapbooks, audio and video tapes, and digital media—the collection is among the most comprehensive, open-access collections of poetry in the United States.




Alwan for the Arts - promotes the diverse cultures of the Arab countries in New York City.

Alwan organizes film festivals and screenings, book/poetry readings and signings, lectures and conferences, art exhibits, musical and theatrical performances, and language and literature classes.


Cave Canem

Cave Canam – is a respected incubator for young African American poets. It is a home for the many voices of  poetry and is committed to cultivating the artistic and professional growth of African American poets.


Haitian Cultural ExchangeHaitian Cultural Exchange - offers programs and services that seek to support emerging and established artists, promote cross-cultural exchanges, preserve Haitian cultural heritage, and encourage dialogue around contemporary social issues.


Creative Coalition

Creative Coalition - addresses both film industry related issues, as well as general social issues. The group educates leaders in the arts community on issues of public importance, specifically in the areas of First Amendment rights, arts advocacy and public education.


Musical Theater Group

Music-Theater Group - dedicated to helping artists turn creative inspiration into compelling music-theatre works, for over 40 years, it is a collaborative community  where composers, poets, playwrights, choreographers, designers and directors synthesize their creative spirits to make truly groundbreaking productions. Internationally renowned for its commitment to the creation of work that embraces different art forms, MTG has produced a stunning roster of fully integrated music-theatre works -ranging from chamber-sized to full-scale operas and productions.


Brecht Forum

Brecht Forum  - is a cultural and educational center for people who are working for social justice, equality and a new culture that puts human needs first. Through its programs and events, the Brecht Forum brings people together across social and cultural boundaries and artistic and academic disciplines to promote critical analysis, creative thinking, collaborative projects and networking in an independent community-level environment.


Dance Parade

The Dance Parade -  was established to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities to experience dance, and celebrating diversity of dance in New York City by sponsoring a yearly city-wide dance parade and dance festival


African Disaspora Film Festival

African Diaspora Film Festival - The African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) presents an eclectic mix of urban, classic, independent and foreign films that depict the richness and diversity of the life experience of people of African descent and Indigenous people all over the world.


Sixth Street Comm. Ctr.

Sixth Street Community Center - Empowering the Loisaida community by organizing neighborhood residents around issues concerning food, health and the environment.



Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture - The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a research unit of The New York Public Library, is generally recognized as one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world. For over 80 years the Center has collected, preserved, and provided access to materials documenting black life, and promoted the study and interpretation of the history and culture of peoples of African descent.



WE Campaign

The We Campaign - WE is a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world. WE promotes making a shift from "I" to "WE" in our individual actions and attitudes and in our societal priorities and policies. WE is an ongoing Awareness and Action Campaign; four WE Action Campaigns per year with culminating Global Public Events every 3 months.


Ethel Foundation

Ethel Foundation for Arts - Acclaimed as America’s premier postclassical string quartet, ETHEL invigorates contemporary concert music with refreshing exuberance, fierce intensity, imaginative programming and exceptional artistry. Formed in 1998, New York’s ebullient ETHEL is comprised of Juilliard-trained performers Cornelius Dufallo (violin), Dorothy Lawson (cello), Jennifer Choi (violin) and Ralph Farris (viola). ETHEL performs adventurous music of the past four decades, with emphasis on works composed since 1995.



Brooklyn Food Coalition

Brooklyn Food Coalition - empowers community connections to drive healthy food changes in Brooklyn. Our neighborhood-based chapters, working committees, and affiliated community groups work together to drive healthy food changes in Brooklyn. Our current projects include a public awareness campaign about the 2012 Farm Bill, supporting partnerships with school and community gardens in central Brooklyn, and planning the next Brooklyn Food Conference in the spring.


Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn for Peace - Brooklyn For Peace is committed to eliminating war and the social injustices that are its causes. Through active education on international and domestic issues, we empower our community and ourselves to be a productive force in securing a peaceful future for generations to come by building a world where peace is the first response to conflict. We promote U.S. policies based not on coercion and violence, but on peace, justice, democratic advancement, human rights and respect for international law. 


Art In Flux

Art In FLUX in Harlem -is a movement of Harlem artists appearing in Pop-Up art galleries.​​​ FLUX highlights and creates opportunity for artists living and/or working in Harlem; brings art into the center of the community where people walk to work and school, shop and dine; creates a positive use for vacant retail locations; and stimulates a vibrant neighborhood merging art, commerce and community. 


Hunger Network

The Hunger Action Network of New York State is a statewide membership organization that combines grassroots organizing at the local level with state level research, education and advocacy to address the root causes of hunger, including poverty.




Museum Of The City Of New York

The Museum of the City of New York: Where the Past Informs the Future. The Museum of the City of New York celebrates and interprets the city, educating the public about its distinctive character, especially its heritage of diversity, opportunity, and perpetual transformation. Founded in 1923 as a private, nonprofit corporation, the Museum connects the past, present, and future of New York City. It serves the people of New York and visitors from around the world through exhibitions, school and public programs, publications, and collections.



Our vision is to revive the historic Fulton Fish Market, a priceless public legacy that is owned by the people of New York and whose two market sheds have remained empty and unused since 2005.  By bringing residents back to the Seaport, we are reviving the East River Market District --a rare fragment of our city's first port and oldest commercial neighborhood-- as a thriving, public destination for all New Yorkers.


Studio Museum Harlem

The Studio Museum in Harlem is the nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally and internationally and for work that has been inspired and influenced by black culture. It is a site for the dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society. Since opening in a rented loft at Fifth Avenue and 125th Street in 1968, The Studio Museum in Harlem has earned recognition for its catalytic role in promoting the works of artists of African descent. A wide variety of Education and Public Programs bring art alive for the public through lectures, dialogues, performances and on-site and off-site interpretive programs.


Center For Book Arts

The Center seeks to facilitate communication between the book arts community and the larger spheres of contemporary art and literature through exhibitions, classes, public programming, literary presentations, opportunities for artists and writers, publications, and collecting. Founded in 1974, it was the first organization of its kind in the nation.


BCA Logo

Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) is celebrating almost 50 years as a private, non-profit membership organization that is the official cultural agency of Bronx County. Recognized nationally as a leading arts service organization in providing cultural services and arts programs, BCA serves a multicultural constituency of almost 1.4 million residents. BCA provides an array of services to 5,000 artists and more than 250 arts and community-based organizations.




Over the past four decades, Creative Time has commissioned and presented ambitious public art projects with thousands of artists throughout New York City, across the country, around the world—and now even in outer space. Their work is guided by three core values: art matters, artists' voices are important in shaping society, and public spaces are places for creative and free expression. They are acclaimed for the innovative and meaningful projects they have commissioned, from Tribute in Light, the twin beacons of light that illuminated lower Manhattan six months after 9/11, to bus ads promoting HIV awareness, to Paul Chan's production of Waiting for Godot in New Orleans, and much more.



BRIC presents contemporary art, performing arts and community media programs that reflect Brooklyn's creativity and diversity. BRIC also provides resources to launch, nurture and showcase artists and media makers. We advance access to and understanding of arts and media by presenting free and low-cost programming, and by offering education and other public programs to people of all ages.


The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. showcases art and culture in open, public spaces to add aesthetic interest to our part of the city; promote historical and cultural heritage; and support community involvement in local development. Our heritage symbol is the double crocodile from West Africa which means unity in diversity.


National Jazz Museum

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem is committed to keeping jazz relevant and exciting in the lives of a diverse range of audiences: young and old, novice and scholar, artist and patron, enthusiast and curious listener. We engage our audiences through live performances, exhibitions, educational workshops, and our news-worthy archival collection of jazz artifacts.



Make Music New York is a live, free musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year, with over 1,200 concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the five boroughs. Starting Friday, March 11th, MMNY teams up with WBAI on a new radio program exploring the public and hidden lives of music makers and presenters through intimate conversation, choice musical selection and informative regular segments with Make Music New York staff and partners.


Brooklyn Folk Festival

Brooklyn Folk Festival - The annual 3-day festival includes 30 bands, vocal and instrumental workshops, a family-friendly square dance and swing dance, jam sessions, film screenings, the famous Banjo Toss contest and more!


NYC Pride

Heritage of Pride works toward a future without discrimination where all people have equal rights under the law. We do this by producing LGBT Pride events that inspire, educate, commemorate and celebrate our diverse community.


New York Open Center

The New York Open Center offers holistically-based educational programs to create positive transformation in individuals and the world.


NYC Pride


The Gotham Center is a university-based research and education center, devoted to advancing scholarly and public understanding of New York City’s rich and living past.


Trance4Mation Nation

Trance4mation Nation

Trance4mation Nation’s purpose is to provide transformative and life-changing experiences of inclusion and mutual respect for high school and college students, for our Veterans and their loved ones, for at-risk youth, the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, and for the public in general through profound and transformative connection, communication and healing.


Trance4Mation Nation

The Black and Latino Filmmaker's Coalition (BLFC)

BLFC was created in order to empower, promote, nurture and mentor Black and Latino independent filmmakers in the motion picture industry.


Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop

Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop

BRTW exists to investigate, interrogate, and change the status quo as it marginalizes Black people worldwide. With economic, social, educational, healthcare, housing, and political injustice facing our community, BRTW aims to tackle the issues that impact us while becoming a beacon for Black opportunity within the arts.


WBAI is constantly building new partnerships that we believe will be of interest to our listeners, so check this space regularly.

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