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Wed, Mar 22, 2023 9:00 PM


** "I want to have the press to understand that what's happened to Julian, will happen to them - and if they go quiet and don't join in this battle, they will succumb to government theater..."

John Shipton Talks Ithaka: His struggle journeying across the world to free his son Julian Assange from captivity, as portrayed in this film. And with connections to the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, Odysseus, Camus, Sisyphus - and Julian the person versus the public narrative and Hollywood.

** "Imagine please, a working class uprising..."

Arts Express Playhouse: Don't Touch That Dial! - Shakespeare, Marx, The Anniversary Of The Paris Commune, And The Case Of Corealanus. Shakespeare Without Tears. A solo performance of 'the most class conscious play that Shakespeare ever wrote...'

** "To me, art without politics or any kind of social dimension, it's pretty, it looks good above couches - but it really doesn't have any relationship with the societal conditions that it's created in..."

*Art And Politics. Arts Express Artist In Residence Peter Wise on the necessity of artists to fight the power of the deep state in their work, and oppose the Hollywood Industrial Complex. And, where do we go from here...



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