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Wed, Jan 25, 2023 9:00 PM


** "Don't blame me - blame the truth..."

Doing The Right Thing, What Does It Take. Deep dive political analyst, Pacifica host and contributor to this show, rebel cop and righteous whistleblower Garland Nixon talks taking the leap, and the psychology of whistleblowing. And his own example of walking away from Fox News, and why.

And what all of this may have to do with broken Cherokee treaties - and the FBI files sealed for fifty years pertaining to the mystery still surrounding the murder of Martin Luther King.

** "How is this not front page news..."

On Sacred Ground: A Conversation With David Arquette. The actor may be best known for the Scream movies, but his current portrayal in this dramatic feature revisiting the 2016 mass uprising against the Dakota pipeline violating Lakota tribal land, is in contrast shrouded in a suspect duplicitous silence. And Arquette as a shady oil company operative in collusion with the deep state and the corporate media.

And, what the misleading motives back then of the government proclaiming the fuel extraction as benefiting the US masses when actually a bid to expand and control global energy in competition with OPEC - may have to do with war and Russia in the present time. A hot seat exchange with Arquette touching as well on a Ronald Reagan obsessed serial killer, clowns - and his creative roots as inspiration derived from his own extended Arquette theatrical family tribe.

** "For a long time, I've been obsessed about the connections between theater and three card monte..."

Arts Express Playhouse: Curtain Up On A Performance Of Three Card Monte. A solo theatrical immersion into a very sophisticated street theater. 'And what I learned is that you can take the three card monte out of the theater - but you can't take the theater out of three card monte.' With connections to the Broadway revival of Topdog/Underdog, and a once published academic study of theater and the hustler game.



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