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Wed, Jun 14, 2023 9:00 PM


US Empire War In Ukraine: Who's Your Sugar Daddy...

The Arts Express Red Eye Revue - Red Hot And Saucy Served Up Here

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*Crime Scenes Episodes: Media Gaslighting The US Into War

*The Russians Are Coming - Stay Tuned!*

*Banned Online, Broadcast On Arts Express, an ongoing feature...

*The Graveyard Shift Playhouse

*Plus...The Arts Express Hot Seat...Canceling The Culture Cops...News From Strange Places...

Crew: Jack Shalom, Garland Nixon, Mary Murphy

Paris Desk: Professor Dennis Broe

Artist In Residence: Peter Wise


Prairie, Good morning.
Following up with you regarding your interview with John Shipton. 
Thank you for having air time for such an important issue in 
a time of rampant media censorship.
~ O.W.

'...Another beautiful work of art from Arts Express!! Thank you so much, Jack! It is a gorgeous edition!!!'
~ M/V.

'...Hi, Jack, you continue doing great work.'
~ E.T.

'...wow..  so much, but just is there any way of getting a copy or more information about the amazing poem read on the air about  we are the 99 and we will never forgive?.          ~ S.F. 

'Jack, I found your story on three card monte a great reminiscing of the past, like your recantation of history I found engrossing as though I was a fly on a wall full of graffiti. As far as Prairie's show; I've known about her and the show for years; which are as inseparable as her unique voice. Where else would I have heard an interview with the likes of Edgar Winter??'                                                                                                       ~ O.W.

'...Please tell Connie how much I enjoyed her poetry in the Arts Express Newsletter!
~ V.S.

'...So grateful to have my work showing during Women's History Month in Arts Express, Free Speech Radio in New York City, New York! I'm hoping to do more commentary on politics and art in the near future on WBAI. Special thanks to Prairie Miller and Jack Shalom.'
Peter Wise

  '...Nice accolade Peter.'
  ~ C.M.
   '...Your work looks great! Congratulations!
   '...Congratulations Peter.'
   ~ G.G.
   '...Very exciting, Peter. Love your work.'
   ~ P.K.
    '...Congratulations Peter!'
   ~ L.C.


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