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Wed, Feb 8, 2023 9:00 PM


US Empire War In Ukraine: Who's Your Sugar Daddy...

The Arts Express Red Eye Revue - Red Hot And Saucy Served Up Here

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*Media Gaslighting The US Into War

*The Russians Are Coming - Stay Tuned!*

*Banned Online, Broadcast On Arts Express, an ongoing feature...

*The Graveyard Shift Playhouse

*Plus...The Arts Express Hot Seat...News From Strange Places...

Crew: Jack Shalom, Garland Nixon

Paris Desk: Professor Dennis Broe


'Jack, I found your story on three card monte a great reminiscing of the past, like your recantation of history I found engrossing as though I was a fly on a wall full of graffiti. 

As far as Prairie's show; I've known about her and the show for years; which are as inseparable as her unique voice. Where else would I have heard an interview with the likes of Edgar Winter??'
~ O.W.

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