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Sat, Oct 1, 2022 6:00 AM


** "It's such a hopeful film - and unexpected, and unusual..."

Economic Crisis Cinema Then And Now - Andrea Riseborough Talks Amsterdam, And To Leslie. The British actress would seem to be competing against herself lately, opening in these two films the same day coming up. Riseborough delves into having been directed as well by Madonna in W.E. as Wallis Simpson - the American subjected to a scandal after marriage to then British King Edward VIII.

Riseborough also discusses her starring role in the latest economic crisis cinema feature To Leslie, about US poverty and one homeless mother's descent into alcoholism. Along with Amsterdam, based loosely on quite a buried history in this country of looming fascism, and the plot of bankers back then in 1933 to overthrow FDR and install a right wing government.

And in part owing to another buried US history, the President's introduction of welfare policies deemed by the bankers to be establishing communism - but actually motivated by FDR to prevent a looming tide of uprising and revolution, as a reaction to the starvation and mass misery of the Great Depression.

** "What people call psychopaths can work on Wall Street - detachment from other people actually helps them do their job, they don't have to be killers..."

A Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies. What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies - how accurate are the portrayals, really. Dr Ali Mattu is on the case. And what it all has to do with aliens, Sherlock Holmes and pancakes.

** "Like any good suspense story, Inhospitable has a ticking time bomb that drives the action - so bear with me, and hang on for a bit..."

Deep Dive: What's up with this Sandra Alvarez investigative documentary, and how 'medical bankruptcy is the number one cause of family bankruptcy in the US - more than the cost of pharmaceuticals or health insurance.' Probing the murky depths of the medical industrial complex.

** 'It must be mentioned that with the UK war now being the occasion for Germany and Japan to re-arm, Kassel, Germany with their Documenta Festival is once again becoming the site not only of cars, but also of weapons building for a new German war machine - what could possibly go wrong...'

Bro On The Art World Beat: The Documenta Festival. 'Collectivizing and yanking art out of its commodified prison. A monumental event in the art world...' Arts Express Paris Correspondent Professor Dennis Broe breaks it down. 



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