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Sat, Jul 30, 2022 6:00 AM


** "I guess I just went with my gut - and let the character, in this case the voice, seep into me. And how much a voice can permeate someone's energy, and someone's spirit."

A Tale Of Two Movies: Including one that never got made. And starring that first intended director in the second film on the very same subject - the multi-talented Cabaret and Golden Eye actor, Alan Cumming. Who is our guest this week on the show, along with the director of My Old School, breaking it all down.

** "You know, oftentimes we walk into a room, and people assume they know who we are. And then with time, we peel away those layers back and show them the dynamism of our humanity - and I think that was what I was getting at with Meeko Gattuso."

Nana Mensah Talks Queen Of Glory: And the filmmaker and star of her satirical feature, no stranger herself to being stereotyped as the daughter of Ghanian immigrants, finding the humanity of that central character Meeko, a Bronx Puerto Rican Latin Kings gang member turned actor. And, a rare exception of working class and inner city actors of color getting to play themselves, instead of middle class impersonations.

Mensah, who starred with Sandra Oh in The Chair and on Orange Is The New Black, phones in from London where she's currently filming the upcoming dramatic series The Diplomat, to discuss Queen Of Glory - and checking her own class bias in developing that difficult but evolving enriched relationship with Gattuso.

She also provides an update on what's going down over there in the UK with disgraced Boris Johnson's resignation. Or has he? "I don't have the 411 from Downing. But I will say that people have been pretty happy - here they are literally dancing in the streets!"

** Banned on Youtube, broadcast on Arts Express - Stay tuned and all will be revealed....

** Plus...Multiple masters of disguise this week...The Fist Bump Heard Round The World......Poetry Break...

 Gone In The Night Review: Combo Cougar Shaming Sci-Fi Horror Spree

A weird combo cougar shaming sci-fi horror spree buffet, don't ask, Eli Horowitz's Gone In The Night takes freaky fountain of youth generation gap cinema to the next level that seems to get lost somewhere along the way - whether as a confusion of plot points or genres.

A mix of messy and misogynistic, the misleading on multiple levels narrative excursion fronting as a romantic getaway mystery, sets up Winona Ryder in a role she's seemingly quite embarrassed and uncomfortable with, as a woman who's made to repeatedly apologize for dating a man (John Gallagher Jr.) looking barely younger. 

Meanwhile, the unusually affable but possibly suspect getaway landlord (Dermot Mulroney) strangely bonds with Winona, while a creepy younger generation duo take the unhinged story in the direction of a very bad day for all concerned. And to say anything further would count as less than a spoiler, than a spoiled movie experience overall.

Prairie Miller



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