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Sat, Jan 15, 2022 6:00 AM


A look back celebrating the screen legends lost these past weeks.

Including Betty White defying female stereotypes, and Sidney Poitier 'as Hollywood's first black leading man reflecting the Civil Rights Movement on screen.' While the first to promote positive black images as an actor, and defy Jim Crow in movies.

The Last Picture Show, The Last Conversation: Peter Bogdanovich, in a last conversation about The Last Picture Show - with connections to Orson Welles, John Huston, Howard Hawks, Hitchcock, Roger Corman, and the subversive Hollywood Renaissance of the '70s.

** "These stories add up to a three dimensional portrait of ordinary people doing heroic things in extraordinary times..."

Arts Express Playhouse. A performance from the work of the late persecuted communist writer and political prisoner Alvaro Cunhal, alias Manuel Tiago, considered Portugal's Che Guevara - under the brutal Salazar fascist dictatorship which ran parallel to Franco's rule in Spain. 'If the time should ever come anywhere when this level of underground organized resistance is called for - then pick up his books and study how it was once done.'

** "There were complaints about me and I survived them - the complaints are what kept me going."

Apparently There Were Complaints: Sharon Gless Checks In. Alias Christine Cagney, that other half of the popular eighties television show Cagney And Lacey - and that walked an exceedingly fine line between issues facing them as oppressive cops and oppressed women.

And her just published memoir addressing her turbulent memory lane life and much more - including surviving Hollywood and alcoholism. Gless also reads from her memoir. 



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