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Students Grade Howard University “F” for Cost Increases Pricing Out Students!  and Nabisco Workers Strike! 


‘No Contracts, No Snacks’: Nabisco Workers on Strike In Five States


Darlene Carpenter, Janelle Lambert-Watkins; Christine Brown; Local 358, Richmond Virginia, Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco workers & Grainmillers’ Union

“They don’t care about frontline workers. They only care about the almighty dollar. We’re tired of getting stepped on and treated like trash. We’ve had enough.”

—Rusty Lewis, Nabisco worker

The workers who bake and ship Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Ritz crackers have gone on strike in 5 states. If Nabisco can rake in billions of dollars in corporate profits, says Darlene, they can afford to treat their workers with dignity and respect.” Nabisco shut down food processing facilities in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and Atlanta, Georgia, two of its last five remaining food processing facilities in the United States. Those plants had been around for generations, and 1,000 workers lost union jobs. Workers in the remaining facilities are concerned that their jobs will soon be headed to Mexico, where two other Nabisco plants have opened in recent years and where the horribly exploited Mexican workers are paid less than $1/hr. "There’s a constant threat of if you don’t agree to concessions, we'll leave," but while Nabisco’s parent company, multinational confectionery corporation Mondelez International says get back the workers fightback and are striking for better working conditions, an end to foreign outsourcing, and the withdrawal of a company plan that would scrap the company’s current guaranteed overtime pay system.


Students Grade Howard University “F” for Cost Increases Pricing Out Students!


Erica England, Howard U.,  political science major and “Sit Out” protester

Howard students are facing a crisis that could force them out of the University – their complaints that in the midst of pandemic, student health insurance was raised by 250%, tuition increased by thousands of dollars and many of the students have been priced out of the DC housing market after learning that on campus was no longer available to them.  Students say that while other HBCUs have found new ways to provide relief and direct aid to students, Howard has made it more difficult.

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