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Hosted by: Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash

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Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report is the longest running and best known labor & community affairs radio program in the New York Metropolitan area. We may also be the best-known labor radio show nationally as well, and we distribute a weekly half-hour National Edition which is carried by 17 broadcast radio stations and 6 internet radio stations.

As our name implies, we provide a mix of labor and community based programming, tackling the issues of the working class, where they work and where they live. We believe that by broadcasting the voices of those who seek social justice, we heighten public awareness, and facilitate unity between groups that fight for change.

While we emphasize local and domestic programming, we have done extensive coverage of the development of people throughout the world and have stood against global U.S. aggression, such as its war in Iraq. We produce extended annual broadcasts on Labor Day and May Day as well as specials on critical issues that may arise throughout the year, such as the battle to increase the minimum wage, secure health care for all, and defeat privatization of the social security system.

We have also brought to the air much of the union leadership in NYC and the country, as well as such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, and the first radio interview with Michelle Bachelet, then a candidate for the Presidency of Chile, Cesar Chavez, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Harry Belafonte and scores of other personalities.

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