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Wed, Jul 10, 2024 9:00 PM


** "I think it's something that a lot of people wrestle with, something you're passionate about and means the most to us - and always a sense of not quite belonging..."

Dandelion: A Conversation With KiKi Layne.
The actress delves into her current turn in the film as a creatively and financially challenged aspiring musician in down and out Ohio - and yet another release focusing on youth struggles today in Economic Crisis Cinema at the movies.

Along with a red and blue nation divide in Dandelion, and the roles she's embraced in the page to screen black classics - James Baldwin's 'If Beale Street Could Talk' and Richard Wright's 'Native Son.'

** "It's a bloodbath, an absolute bloodbath - if Starmer was a vegetable, he'd be a potato..."

Same Politics, Different Day: What's up with that UK election to nowhere. Plus, the latest Joe Biden not going anywhere revelations - shape shifting, time travel, divine right presidential succession claim from God. Biden's black woman persona, his time machine vow to defeat Trump again in 2020 - and a defiant chat with his imaginary friend up in the skies, calling all the shots about his candidacy...

** "I have a wonderful story of theatrical celebration and generational influence to tell you - it's a bit of a personal story...that changed my life forever.."

Miracle On 47th Street: Stay tuned and all will be revealed...

** "If you're in the mood for an intellectual thriller on dystopian facets of our society - kindling your existential flame..."

The Darkest Timeline: Living In A World With No Future: Jack Clarke at the UK Desk straight talk with Bram E Gieben - author, curator of the cult website Weaponizer, and the creative force behind the philosophical podcast 'Strange Exiles.' Touching on techno-capitalists, Straw Dogs, the collapse of journalism, economic terrorists, and looney tunes ruling the asylum... 



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