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Hosted by: Kevin O'Donoghue and Ben Starr

Web Site: https://www.thepositivemind.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePositiveMindCenter/

The Positive Mind Radio Show focuses on current mental health issues, diagnoses, treatments, modalities, politics, etc.,  from a “ Positive Psychology” perspective.  

Begun by Armand DiMele on WBAI in NYC over 30 years ago, the show attempts to bring to the listening public “ ideas, concepts and guests to try and help you lead a more positively minded life.”

Host,  Kevin O’Donoghue, the Director of The Positive Mind Center in midtown Manhattan, is proud to continue the legacy and rich archive laid down by Armand. Kevin actively attracts and recruits leading experts and authors in the field of mental health to come on the show. Please forward any interest in being a guest on the show to kevin@thepositivemind.org

Ben Starr: For his tenth birthday, Ben received a clock-radio which started a lifelong love affair with radio. He joined The Positive Mind from WQXR, where he worked in the Music Programming department. As a long-time WBAI listener, the opportunity to work with Armand DiMele was a thrill for Ben. He is a proud graduate of Queens College, where he hosted evenings at WQMC.

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