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Hosted by: Hosted by: MamaSoul The L.A.W.


The L.A.W.

The Harlem Connection is a weekly radio show where music lovers join forces with the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce to connect you to Harlem's history, culture, & current events via the music of your favorite acts.

The Harlem Connection features an eclectic array of artists from different areas and eras that are connected via Harlem, U.S.A.

We also give info on what’s happening Uptown and interview creators, newsmakers, entrepreneurs, and other all-around cool folks.

In the immortal words of Lakeside…

“We just want you to feel (We just want you to feel…)
nothing but pleasure. Musical pleasure.
'Cause music is a world of fantasy.
Let's live it together. Musical pleasure…
(Dance in the sunshine.) Take a load off of your mind.
Our music is very real (So very real)
Truly a treasure! Musical treas-ure!”

"So hey, come on, come along, take a ride…” and let MamaSoul and The L.A.W. be your musical conductors as you get onboard…The Harlem Connection. Departing from the New York City station, WBAI 99.5FM and, Friday nights from 10-Midnight.

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