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Hosted by: Rachel Hu

“Women Fight Back” is a program that gives voice to the burgeoning fighting women’s movement in the era of Trump and in the midst of an intensifying war on women. Women Fight Back features weekly discussions with grassroots activists on current issues facing women from a socialist women’s perspective. The activists and organizers featured on Women Fight Back are fighters from a range of different movements. 

This program covers a range of topics from the role of women in the anti-war movement, women in labor,  anti-racism in the women’s movement, and the struggle for LGBTQ liberation. All issues are women’s issues, and the fight against U.S. imperialism here and abroad is part and parcel of the struggle for women’s liberation. Join us every Wednesday to hear from the socialist women of the grassroots!

Rachel Silang is a national organizer with the ANSWER Coalition and a dedicated anti-war activist and women's rights activist for the past 7 years. She is a proud South East Asian American and queer activist who is based in New York City and Long Island. Rachel is currently a social worker and was a former teacher.

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