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Hosted by: John McDonagh, Malachy McCourt and Corey Kilgannon

Join hosts John McDonagh, Malachy McCourt and Corey Kilgannon as they talk about all things New York, and take phone calls from listeners.

John McDonagh has been driving a Yellow Cab on the mean streets of New York for over 30 years, and is well known for his activism and political satire.                                           Malachy McCourt is at times a professional actor, a saloon keeper, a political candidate, a radio show host who is at times labeled a wit, a published author, a political progressive who is passionate about democracy but all the times a New Yorker. He is also a loving husband and a father of five, grandfather of eight. 

They are joined by weekly guest Corey Kilgannon , who has written about the city for The New York Times for 20 years, and pens a weekly column called Character Study about the people who make New York City distinctive.  

From bike lanes to horse and carriage from the street to the stables, no one knows the city better.

Pictured above: L to R Kilgannon, McCourt, and McDonough

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