Talk Out of School

Wed, Sep 18, 2019 10:00 AM

Hosts: Leonie Haimson + Carol Burris
  • Class Size Lawsuit & Education Equity and Funding -
Synopsis: On this week's Talk Out of School episode we have Attorney Wendy Lecker of the Education Law Center, bringing us up to date on the class size lawsuit of nine NYC parents vs the state and city of New York for their failure to lower class size.

Our second guest is Senator John Liu, chair of the NYC Education Committee in the State Senate, who tells us what new laws, funding levels and other developments we may expect in the coming legislative session that affect our public schools. As many find what goes on in Albany to be very mysterious -  straight-talking Senator Liu, who was formerly a City Council member and NYC Comptroller, helps us undo some of that mystery. 
  • Wendy Lecker of Ed Law Center  -
  • Senator John Liu, Chair of the NYC Education Committee of the NY Senate -
  • School Days by Chuck Berry  -

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