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  • More record - breaking greenhouse
  • East Palestine, Ohio derailment lawsuit settlement -


How safe are you in this nuclear environment? This show addresses that question with our guests on this important hour. You'll also hear how to attend Thursday's Indian Point Nuclear Decommissioning Oversight Board meeting and rally. The meeting starts at 6 p.m and the rally precedes it at 4:45. Sign up for the meeting, the number of attendees is important; attend on zoom if you can't get there in person: registering will make an impression even if you don't get to speak.

Tune in to hear Tina Volz-Bonger with United For Clean Energy/STOP HOLTEC Coalition, Nancy Vann of SENRG/Safe Energy Rights Group and Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear.

This is a show for anyone who lives near any of the nearly 100 nuclear power plants in the U.S. There is no amount of radioactivity that is safe.

Some points to consider:

  • Health and safety.
  • Financial concerns.
  • Interim storage.
  • Radioactive waste dumping will hurt the economics of the community--dumping waste in the river--hurts tourism, residents leave, marine life killed/harmed, agriculture, fishing, boating are all hurt.
  • Current state law does not allow dumping into the Hudson River.
  • Holtec is evaporating nuclear waste at the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts.
  • No permanent federal waste storage site exists.
  • Nuclear waste should not go to another community to have them worry about it.
  • Ulterior motive of delays by in Oyster Creek, so the decommissioning trust fund would grow for their profit.
  • The state wants it done fast – so they can reuse the contaminated land? Faster is not necessarily better, is it?
  • The Hudson River has been getting cleaner; this would surely reverse that.
  • Holtec's waste storage canisters are known as “tin cans”.
  • Recent earthquake's effect on pipelines under Indian Point.
  • The IP site needs to be better evaluated. The wells show that groundwater is contaminated right now and already flowing to the Hudson River.
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC, is responsible for safety issues, but the state can regulate issues of economics and residents’ health.
  • The NRC is not built for decommissioning, so the DEC and EPA should be in charge, but unfortunately the EPA has been deconstructed and the DEC is not paying enough attention.
  • Government, not private industry, should be doing the decommissioning.
  • The EPA sets “acceptable” levels for pollutants, but science says that there is no safe level of tritium or any other radioactive substances.
  • Tritium is dangerous and was subject of an Eco-Logic show 9.27.23.
  • There is a need for transparency on how Holtec is spending the public's trust fund.
  • There's hope, Holtec has been losing in court.
  • Holtec faces a conflict of interest: doing decommissioning well, or cutting corners to save money.
  • Holtec is suing New York State over the Save the Hudson bill that blocks them from dumping their radioactive wastewater in the Hudson River.

Our environmental news today cover more record-breaking greenhouse-gas levels and the East Palestine, Ohio derailment lawsuit settlement.

This week's environmental song is Fred Gillen, Jr.’s River of Money. It was specifically written about Holtec and the Hudson River. is where you can go to get our DVDs and CDs. Get great information and entertainment and support our show – its a win-win!

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