Project Censored

Mon, Apr 25, 2022 14:00 PM

Hosts: Mickey Huff, Eleanor Goldfield
    Synopsis: In the first half-hour of this week's program, Mickey's two guests explain the widespread problem of wrongful criminal convictions, and the obstacles that both legal investigators and journalists encounter when they try to uncover information.
    Then in the second half of the program, Eleanor Goldfield speaks with long-time single-payer advocate Dr. Margaret Flowers about prospects for universal health care in the U.S. today.
    • Valena Beety teaches law at Arizona State University, and previously worked at Innocence Projects in two states (Mississippi and West Virginia).   -
    • Geoff Davidian is a reporter with over 40 years' experience, including at the Milwaukee Journal, Arizona Republic, and Houston Chronicle.  -
    • Margaret Flowers is a retired pediatrician and a long - time advocate for universal single
    • the steering committee for, a group that campaigns for "a national improved Medicare for All healthcare system." Margaret Flowers hosts Clearing the FOG, Forces of Greed on WBAI Tuesdays at 10am.  -

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