Covert Action Bulletin

Wed, Apr 20, 2022 09:00 AM

Hosts: Rachel Hu, Chris Garaffa
    Synopsis: On the show we dive into the big news that Elon Musk spent 44 billion dollars to buy twitter. He claims he will make the algorithms open source, but theres obviously many doubts about that. What does this development mean for the platform?

    We are joined by Rania Khalek, journalist and host of the show dispatches on BreakThrough News to discuss the release of Steven Donzinger after years of confinement in prison, halfway houses and on house arrest. Donzinger is a human rights attorney who was under house arrest for successfully suing Chevron on behalf of 30,000 Ecuadorian Amazonian Indigenous people. What does his case mean for environmental activists pushing back against big oil?

    Rania then shares her experience at the recent 3-day meeting in Caracas gathering people across the globe in the fight back against Fascism. We dive into the various perspectives present at the conference on the Ukraine conflict and how the global south is responding to the shifting geopolitics of the moment. 
    • Journalist Rania Khalek -

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