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Sat, Dec 11, 2021 06:00 AM

Hosts: Prairie Miller
  • *Alexander Ludwig Talks National Champions -
  • *The Unforgivable: A Conversation With Director Nina Fingscheidt                                                      &a -

*Alexander Ludwig Talks National Champions
*The Unforgivable: A Conversation With Director Nina Fingscheidt

** "What I loved about my character Emmett Sunday, is that he's the guy who isn't going to make it to the NFL, he's the guy who has to live with all these injuries for the rest of his life with no help. So he's got nothing to gain, paving the way for those behind him. And I've seen that again and again with any momentous change that's happened in this world - that there are so many lost leaders who took the bullet on behalf of the people coming up behind them."

National Champions: A Conversation With Alexander Ludwig. Much more than a sports movie during this football season, the film takes on an uprising and mass strike action by a college football team financially exploited by the millionaire managers and corporations that own all of them.

The young actor who has starred as well in The Hunger Games and Vikings, delves into the issues that matter in this movie. And connections to Malcolm, Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, hashtag fix the system - and his own millennial generation as living in greater poverty than the generations preceding them.

** "Homeless, they have a hundred homes - transients forever..."

Arts Express Playhouse: A Solo Performance From The Works Of O. Henry.

** "This is a perspective of society we usually don't see in Hollywood films - and working against the beauty of Seattle, we tried to make everyday life as harsh as it is for real people"

The Unforgivable. Nina Fingscheidt discusses directing Sandra Bullock as a broken woman, a convicted cop killer and pariah struggling for her humanity after two decades in prison for shooting the sheriff evicting her family.

The German director's raw and real sense of Italian neo-realism and social realism derived from her roots in the GDR, captures Bullock's defiant ex-con -seemingly going full Mao in this complex dramatic portrait.

News From Strange Places...Alien meditation under late stage capitalism...

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