A New Day

Thu, Jul 9, 2020 07:00 AM

Hosts: Johanna Fernandez
  • COVID - 19: There are now over 12 million confirmed cases of COVID
  • Black Lives Matter Movement: Activist Chris Smalls, protestors held signs reading, “Money Come & Go but Health is Irreplaceable.” -
Synopsis: Today we welcome back to the show Chris Smalls, the fired Amazon worker, we’ll talk to Chris about the BLM demonstration he’s organizing in Hackensack, NJ this Sunday. We’ll also speak to members of a coalition in Flushing, Queens who organized a counter-protest to right-wing police march in their neighborhood.
  • Chris Smalls: Former Amazon worker. -
  • Lizzy Oh: Works in the immigrant unit at Legal Aid Society and is a member of Queens DSA. -
  • SX Noir: Is a self - proclaimed “thot leader” leading the conversation on the intersection of sex work and technology, she is co
  • Kate Zen: An immigrant labor organizer and co - founder of Red Canary Song.
  • How It Feels To Be Free  - Nina Simone

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