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Fri, Oct 15, 2021 9:00 PM


On this week's edition of Untitled, Producer and Host Malika Lee Whitney's invited guests include Karisma Jay, Founder and Artistic Director of the AbunDance Academy of the Arts. Those engaged receive a fantastic and wholesome opportunity for creative expression.

Carolyn Butts of African Voices Magazine and Reel Sisters Film Festival has an Autumn harvest of special programming including a screenwriters workshops,a uniquely curated film series both of which are virtual.

Musician and Composer Kevin Nathaniel's celestial sounds are always welcome here. His open air, uplifting musical expressions along with special guests are being seen and heard in communities around the city and most frequently in Union Square Park. Kevin like many artists are pivoting due to the pandemic while keeping the arts flowing.

Henrietta Lacks has given even more to life in her passing than one can ever imagine. A commentary on a controversal matter of substance.

The October 22 Coaltion has a clear mission to stop police brutality, oppression and the criminalization of a generation. This year marks the 26th National Day of Protest in association with the Stolen Lives Project. Info: october22.org.

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