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Fri, Sep 24, 2021 9:00 PM


On this week's edition of Untitled Producer and Host Malika Lee Whitney presents commentary on the critical issue of Haitians seeking asylum and receiving lassos and lashes. Rosemari Mealy, J.D. Ph.D Professor at City College of New York shares an assignment for her students on Immigration and the Law.

Dr. Sam Anderson Author, Mathematics Professor, and Activist is Founder of several progressive social justice and education organizations. Hi is Untitled's righteous, resident radical taking on several topics including miseducation, the fiasco and fate of too many on Rikers Island, those in office and the absentee. 

The arts are really flourishing again as seen through fashion, dance, music, film, theater and visual expresssion. Souleo of Souleo Universe a staple presence here drops some 411 on the Harlem Institute of Fashion and Dionne Warwick Queen of Twitter.

In transition, Sarah Dash's voice range sang out to us in fine register. She will be most remembered for her harmonic gifts with the phenemonal group known as LaBelle featuring Nona Hendryx and of course Patti LaBelle.  

PSA -The Met brings it uptown to Harlem's Marcus Garvey Park this weekend presenting a preview of Charles Blow's literary adaptation of Fire Shut Up in My Bones. There are stellar creatives attached to this history making presentation. 6:30pm September 27.  

Let's shout out Irene Gandy on her well deserved Tony Award. Her decades of work with numerous major theatre productions makes her legendary in the field. Congratulations.

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Haitian Arrivals and Departures



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