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Thu, May 20, 2021 9:00 AM


Al Nakba/The Catastrophe: The Hundred Years War on Palestine.

The Palestinians well know what it means to be discriminated against based on characteristics one did not choose – whether race, color or religion.  The Palestinians have experienced long and bitter suffering for no other reason than that they were born “non-Jews” in a land occupied by the Zionist movement, which forcibly continues to expel the native Palestinian population.

In 1948, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people began when the Zionist movement – an extension of white European settler-colonialism backed by the British government – carried out a massive ethnic cleansing campaign, and during this Nakba, this Catastrophe Zionist armed groups destroyed more than 500 Palestinian cities and villages and committed dozens of massacres.  They forcibly displaced some 800,000 Palestinians to make way for the establishment of Israel. 

The Catastrophe did not end that year. It continues to this day, with systematic policies aimed at driving the remaining population out: land theft, looting of resources and caging the Indigenous population in separate enclaves cut off from one another.  The situation for Palestinians confronting the Zionist colonial project is  challenging: Jewish supremacy and racial discrimination are entrenched in Israel’s constitutional law.

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