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Summer of Heat is a sustained campaign of actions including nonviolent civil disobedience to end financing for fossil fuels.

You'll enjoy our guests on this show.

Dr. Sandra Steingraber is a biologist, an activist, a mom, and a cancer survivor, She serves as a senior scientist for the Science and Environmental Health Network and is a co-founder of Concerned Health Professionals of New York. She retired from the faculty of Ithaca College in 2021. Sandra Steingraber is the author of several books, including "Living Downstream," which was turned into a movie. Sandra participated in this action as a scientist, she took this action out of her own conscience. "Science has to be brought into the public arena!" She is one of Ken's three favorite environmentalists. Tune in to find out why.

Jenny Xie is the Organizing Manager with Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) coalition, a coalition of over 160 organizations working to stop the flow of money from Wall Street to the fossil fuel industry. She has also organized as a labor union organizer and campaigned for divestment of university endowments from fossil fuels.

Fossil-fuel companies want to keep expanding infrastructure, no matter what it’s doing to the air and water, both locally and the across the planet. To do that, they need a constant influx of money. They use the profits from their product sales, government subsidies and tax breaks, and investments and loans from large banks and other financial institutions. This summer, a coalition of environmental groups is protesting at Citibank, the second largest financier of fossil fuel projects. The protests are taking many forms, with many people, from youth to seniors.

The largest multinational banks invest hundreds of billions of dollars in fossil fuels. Most environmentalists' attention has been on the fossil fuel companies themselves, but in the last few years, attention has also been focused on the corporations that bankroll the poison power. This episode of Eco-Logic is on one of those banks, Citibank, and the protests in front of their headquarters in the TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan.

Our environmental stories today cover an update on the sewage infrastructure failure, good news for Texas mountain lions, and the importance of conservation funding for farmers.

This week's environmental song is written and performed by Dan Berggren, "Power from Above."

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When the air or water are clean, thank an environmentalist. If not, become one. 'Nuff Said!

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