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Thu, Nov 16, 2017   2:00 PM


** "I'm unusually obsessed with politics, there's never a conflict of interest, it's me - it's my unique selling point." - Chris Matthews

** "I think Meathead might have said about my movie LBJ - how come you're not talking about Vietnam - the guy was the worst." - Rob Reiner

All The Men's Presidents: LBJ, JKF, GWB. Both Chris Matthews and Rob Reiner are into presidents these days, aspiring and otherwise: MSNBC Hardball host Matthews is on the line to talk about his latest book lionizing RFK, Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit. And Reiner phones in to discuss his biopic, LBJ - and that president's conflicted relationship with JFK. And yes, both talk Trump too.

And while Matthews is questioned about the darker side of RFK, and Reiner reviews his own movie as both Archie Bunker and Meathead, a further hot topic ensues, shared by the two men: What's up with the New McCarthyism on steroids? While channeling witch hunts, wiretaps, right wing think tanks, assassinations, executions, espionage operatives, cognitive dissonance, conflict of interest, shock and awe, and showing up in secret at Joe McCarthy's funeral.


** "At the moment when the world is most in need of it, Western elites have been very careful in this year of the Russian Revolution Centenniary, to not loose the energy that inspired what was at the onset - one of the great hopes of humanity."

Broe On The World Art Beat: Framing The Russian Revolution. Arts Express Paris Correspondent, Sorbonne Professor Dennis Broe is on location with the European perspective about the 100 Year Anniversary of that 1917 historic uprising, pertaining to its creative expressions.

Feodor Osteps, The Yellow Ticket

Ideology And Culture Corner: Circling The Corporate Wagons

First They Came For RT: Demonizing The Anti-Establishment Press. From the dubious right wing think tank European Values publishing the entire list of over two thousand RT guests over the past four years in order to bully and shame them from appearing again in the future - and publicly denouncing them as useful idiots - to the US government forcing RT to register as a foreign agent.

Meanwhile, RT guests Scottish politician George Galloway, Code Pink's Medea Benjamin, and heroic CIA waterboarding whistle blower and subsequent US political prisoner John Kiriakou, fight back.

** "Criticism is the only things that stands between the audience and advertising" - Pauline Kael

Blacklists, Boycotts, Blackmail, Bribery: Definitive insight by the late eminent film critic Pauline Kael, pertaining to those murky minefields for movie reviewers. But what stands between the big business media and Hollywood for critics routinely caught in between? National Review conservative critic Armond White weighs in during this conversation, related to the move since retracted by Disney, to punitively exclude LA Times film critics from their press screenings. Along with unveiling details about the re-release of his analytical work, Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles.

Best Of The Net Hotspot: Did Morgan Freeman And Rob Reiner Drink Too Much Russian Vodka?

Arts Express: Dare To Be Different Radio

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