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Thu, Sep 7, 2017   2:00 PM


"Whatever my character needed to escape from, I think the rubbing off of the lipstick becomes a kind of 'no' - I'm not going back, I'm going forward."

Year By The Sea: A Conversation With Karen Allen. In Raiders Of The Lost Ark back in 1981, Karen Allen was sidekick Marion Ravenwood to adventurer Indiana Jones. This time around years later, Allen is into an adventure all her own on screen - in the movie, Year By The Sea. Allen phones in to Arts Express to talk about that journey across those years, both creative and personal, and as a woman in her latest film, the Joan Anderson adapted screen memoir, breaking away and finding her own voice.

"I think this film is important because it's a window into the past - but also a window into what we're seeing today in the present, like with Charlottesville."


Toronto Film Festival: Filmmaker Sam Pollard Talks 'Sammy Davis Jr: I've Gotta Be Me.' An extraordinary documentary premiering at Toronto, and about the first black man to sleep in the White House - no, not Obama - but rather Sammy Davis Jr. A simultaneous chronicle of an entire turbulent era, and a memory lane excursion through the complex and complicated life of the entertainment legend.

Emmy and Peabody Award winner Sam Pollard, filmmaker for Eyes On The Prize episodes and on Spike Lee films as well,  is on the line in a conversation about his eloquent portrait of Davis - a contradictory, self-described reluctant activist who turned up at the March On Washington and in Selma with Martin Luther King; who created a firestorm integrating both the Broadway stage, and on All In The Family - by planting the first ever interracial kiss on television, on Archie Bunker's cheek; engaged in a strange bromance with Nixon; and in the first ever integrated US Army unit, endured PTSD - not from war but from racism.

"A red carpet signifying in many ways, attempting to expand the conversation while still focusing firmly on the largely white American middle class - chiding that class for its isolation but also coming up against the limitations of how to speak in a language that class can understand."

Venice FF: Sally Hawkins in Guillermo del Toro's The Shape Of Water

Venice Film Festival: Bro On The World Film Beat. Arts Express Paris correspondent Professor Dennis Broe is on location at Venice to highlight the best movies - and possibly the worst one - and feature films that will be opening here later this year. While assessing relevance versus feel good fare; cold war horror perhaps rooted in Franco fascism; a confederate flag thrown through a window; and this year's booed festival logo featuring Luke Skywalker, Freddy Krueger, and Gene Kelly dancing across Italian screens.

Arts Express Best Of The Net Hotspot This Week: Referencing time-traveling Nazis, cargo shorts and flip flops.

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