Strategies for WBAI’s Rescue and Sustainability: A Compilation
- 05/28/2014

As WBAI’s financial crisis has worsened, a variety of listeners, paid and unpaid staff, volunteers, and board members have come forward with proposed plans for WBAI’s rescue and sustainability. Meanwhile, many people have come forward to do intense nuts-and-bolts work to raise money and reverse the crisis.
In order to have one document that organizes all the ideas and summarizes the work already done, several board members and volunteers assembled a compilation, along with other versions, available on the LSB page HEREPLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LSB PAGE TO "DOWNLOADS" for the entire list of PDF's of the various documents. Or go to each here:

Strategies for WBAI's Rescue and Sustainability

LeFever-WBAI Sustainability Plan

Brown - A Rescue Plan

 Group-Toward Sustainability Report

Cohen - Achieving sustainability

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