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Wed, Nov 15, 2017   12:00 AM


Gremlins attacked the show last week, so we're trying it again tonight!

Ann Marie Hendrickson commemorates Veteran's Day by reading from "Regeneration" by Pat Barker, a novel that was nominated for The Booker prize for 1991, the year of its release.

The novel explores the experience of British army officers being treated for shell shock during World War I at Craig Lockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh. Inspired by her grandfather's experience of World War I, Barker draws extensively on first person narratives from the period. Using these sources, she created characters based on historical individuals present at the hospital including poets and patients, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, and psychiatrist W. H. R. Rivers, who pioneered treatments of post-traumatic stress disorder during and after World War I. Thanks, Wikipedia!

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