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Sat, Aug 6, 2022 6:00 AM


** "An artist's attempt to come to grips with national gun worship - and a Baltimore sculptor wondering what he could take what he was feeling and turn it into art - to do a work that would spur a discussion about guns."

Deep Dive: Art And Violence. White Noise, Gun Show, Loaded - the stuff of a child's imagination, and Flash Gordon movie props comes to life.

** "It was incredible - I was a kid among giants."

Christopher Serrone Talks Goodbye Goodfellas. The actor was just 12 years old when he starred in the 1990 Martin Scorsese directed crime drama as the young Ray Liotta, portraying real life mobster turned FBI informant Henry Hill. Serrone shares memories of Liotta, along with Paul Sorvino, both just passed away within two months of each other.

And recollections as well of being directed by Scorsese - and the controversial, charismatic Henry Hill on the set, described by Serrone in the conversation as 'someone you could put in a room with John Wayne and Mick Jagger. And Henry Hill by the end of the night will be the only celebrity in the room.'

** "The differences in Chinese villains and wolf warriors on screen are instructive in understanding their response to the concerted, bellicose intentions of Joe Biden..."

Bro On The Global Film Beat: Chinese Cinema, Pelosi, Wolf Warriors, And Joe Biden's Neo-Cons - The Takeaway. 'And the Chinese asserting themselves nowhere more prominently perhaps, than in cinema.'

** "The media is to blame for telling us about categories of people, places that seem frightening and bizarre - to think we're not at all interested in people in Iran or Venezuela. But in order to help the real business of living, we need this hugely compelling and powerful art form."

Screening Room: Cinema And The Mind, Society, Time, Class And Alienation.

Plus...Hollywood poem...Broken microscopes...Hallucinating pumpkins... 



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