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09/15/2016   10:00 PM


Special Nigerian focused edition!  DJ BabyK caught up with Femi Kuti before he hit the stage in Prospect Park for Celebrate Brooklyn's summer 2016 concert series.  In BabyK was joined by co-host OP! and guest host Sabine Blazin with special guest Wunmi, born in London, raised in Nigeria and currently keeping residence in Brooklyn, Wunmi Olaiya is a singer, songwriter, dancer, teacher, choreographer, artist, fashion designer– 'quite simply, she is a creative force of Afro-funky-fly!' -BK Reader.

Wunmi studied fashion in London; then her role as the iconic dancer for Soul II Soul introduced her to the dance and music scenes of New York, where she would begin to design costumes for her choreographer friends. She was awarded a ‘Bessie’ for her work with Marlies Yearby and Ron Brown. In the past year commissions for works by Nora Chipamuire and Ron Brown,  have been produced by Urban Bush Women and Alvin Ailey Dance Company (respectively).

Wunmi’s first recordings were featured on the tracks of house music producers: Osunlade, M.A.W., Bugz in the Attic, Ron Trent, Pasta Boys. Her first songwriting credits were in collaboration with the legendary Roy Ayers.  Wunmi’s work was a major catalyst in bringing afro beat and the work of Fela Kuti into the mainstream in America, participating on such projects as Red Hot and Riot, and New York’s epic Jump n Funk parties. Her first solo album, A.L.A. (African Living Abroad), was lauded by Giles Peterson as "an essential release from a unique artist."  Wunmi’s second solo album SEE ME is coming soon. 

The Sweet Spot is a melodic biography, a song filled intimate journey through the lives of some of the most passionate, talented and funky folks in the biz with the music that shaped and influenced their life.  The show joined the WBAI "Musical Chairs" line up in August 2015 and has featured such luminaries as Roy Ayers, Patrick Adams, and Breakbeat Lou.

The Sweet Spot Crew:
Host/Producer Baby K aka Kelly Webb is a DJ, educator and true believer in the healing power of soulful music for hearts and minds.

Co-Host DJ OP! is a founding member of the heralded I Love Vinyl Party and a co-partner of the long established Afrokinetic party in NYC. Additionally, DJ OP! is a resident DJ at the award-winning speakeasy Bathtub Gin and the hip Royal Palm Shuffle Club, both located in NYC.

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