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07/18/2016   6:00 PM


Host's Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash brings you special RNC coverage from the streets, the convention center and beyond for this two hour extended Building Bridges special. They discuss the highlights of the RNC with reports from frontlines of the thousands who went to protest the platform and nominees of the Republican Party.  This two-hour special featured provocative, informative, and thought-provoking conversations between Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg and their guests. Guests include Bill Fletcher Jr., Abbas Hamideh, Bob Hennelly, Carl Dix, and Angelo Falcon and more.

1st half hour listen here -originally airing 6-6:30pm

2nd half hour listen here -originally airing 6:30-7pm

final hour listen here -originally airing 7-8pm

6:02 - 6:17 = 15 min.

Guest, Bill Fletcher,

6:18 – 6:28 = 10 min.

Guest, Abbas Hamideh, discussed life as a Muslim in America and the challenges they face.

6:29 – 6:47 = 18 min. 

Guest, Bob Hennelly,

6:48 – 7:03 = 15 min.

Guest, Sarah Flounders, discusses how we should challenge the media coverage and the RNC. She also talks about Ohios’s gun laws and the racism in which who can own a gun without fear of death by police. Also, she mentions how Hilary is not a better alternative as a president. Sarah Flounders calls for all races to come to unity.

7:21 – 7:38 = 17 min.  

Guest, Carl Dix, discusses being at the RNC in Cleveland and what he sees. He talks about Giuliani and his racism towards black people. He mentions how there are police that have taken over the area, and even the FBI came to stop protesters. Also, mentions the right to protest despite the police who are against it.

7:40 - 7:58  = 18 min. 

Guest, Angelo Falcon, talks about the future of this country, especially for the Latino community. Falcon also mentions the tension between the two candidates and how they are not supportive of Latino communities.

headline photo
Protestors at RNC - creative commons via Flickr