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01/14/2016   8:00 PM


Update on Leonard Peltier and the medical emergency he is facing. 

-Mumia Abu Jamal reports.

-You'll hear from three former political prisoners about the need to support those still imprisoned who spoke at the 73rd Birthday Celebration for Imprisoned Puerto Rican Independence Fighter, Oscar Lopez Rivera, jailed 34 years on charges of seditious conspiracy. In addition you'll hear from Laura Whitehorn, Cisco Torres and Lynne Stewart, introduced by Ben Torres of Pro-Libertad, urging all to support the many remaining imprisoned freedom fighters.

-Guest Zayid Muhammed, long time activist and founding member of The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, discusses their annual tribute dinner to  black political prisoners and their families taking place Sunday, January 17th, 3-7pm. For tickets and information goto:  http://mxcc519.org/

For updates on political prisoners goto: TheJerichomovement.com

For updates on Mumia Abu Jamal call 212.330.8029

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