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Positive Mind

Thursday, May 22, 2014   1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Armand Demele has been out for three weeks but returns on Thursday May 22nd from 1 -3 pm.

The show will focus on:

"The Art of Love"

The inroads, the outroads, the viccitudes, the pain, the pleasure...

Affection, sex, compulsion, fear, longing,

All of these touched on during the 2 hour fund drive special.

Armand also requests that you show your Positive Mind solidarity by making a donation to the station specifically during those hours and to pledge through his office, where they can take the donation for you at 212-757-4488.

You can also pledge at any time at 212-209-2950.

Thank you gifts being offered are:

For a $200.donation - a one time meeting with Armand himself, in person or by phone Pledge for it online HERE.

For a $125. donation - The Art of Love Flash drive or direct download - ten hours of understanding of what love is and is not. Pledge for it online HERE.

Smaller Favorite e-Dobations ($5 to $5,000) in the name of POSITIVE MIND are also welcome. Pledge online HERE

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