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Sojourner Truth


Wednesday, January 22, 2014   3:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Congresswoman Maxine Waters on the Congressional Fight over extending unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage and fixing the social safety net, as well as how communities in her district are organizing themselves.

Geneva II, the so-named "peace talks" on Syria that has brought both the Syrian government and Western backed rebel forces to the table began toady in Switzerland. In a highly controversial move the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon uninvited Iran. What if anything can be expected from the talks? Our guest is Matthew R. Lee who covers the UN for Inner City Press.

And activist, poet, playright Amiri Baraka's funeral was held this past Saturday in Newark, New Jersey. We get a report from two who attended the memorial, Dr. Peniel Joseph and Ayuko Babu, founder of the Pan African Film Festival.

Also featured today is our weekly Earth Minute. 


headline photo
Mourners waited outside before entering the funeral of Amiri Baraka in Newark, N.J. AP Photo/Jason DeCrow