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Hosted by: Joe King and Hank Kee

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The Personal Computer Show offers computer industry news, hardware and software reviews, guest interviews, and news of User Group meetings. The computer guys try to answer whatever questions you might have on computers and computing.

At about 8:30, you can call in at 212-209-2900 and join the discussion or ask for help on any computer-related question.

Co-Hosts Joe King and Hank Kee, three-time winners of the prestigious national Computer Press Awards, have been bringing you the show for 23 years.

Also on the show is Alfred Poor who brings with him over 20 years of experience with personal computers in addition to expertise in HDTV. Their webmaster, Michael Horowitz, is also a frequent visitor.

Joe King, a host of the Personal Computer Show, first crossed swords with computers back in 1964.

Professionally, he has written columns and published books on the subject for over 25 years. A former president of the New York Amateur Computer Club, he started broadcasting on WBAI in 1984.

Hank Kee, a host of the Personal Computer Show, has experience in computer automation dating back to 1960.

His professional career includes technical and managerial responsibilities for major financial service institutions. He was formerly a columnist for InfoWorld and MicroSystems Journal. He was the first recipient of the PC Magazine Award for Technical Excellence. Selected by PC World in 1988 for Man of the Year.

He has been a featured speaker at trade conferences and has an extensive background in strategic business systems planning. He has been a participant on various industries' advisory panels.

Phone Number: 212-209-2966

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