Wednesdays 5.00- 6:00pm

Hosted by: Arthur Schwartz


The show features activists, with a focus on people looking to take the lesson of the Bernie Sanders campaign and apply that grassroots activism to fights around election reform, health care, police misconduct, environmental destruction, education, inequality, student debt, and good-paying jobs, both by organizing around issues and by electing progressives to office.

The show includes interviews and coverage of important events in the NYC area.

Arthur Schwartz Bio:

 Arthur is a progressive activist who cut his teeth in the Vietnam War protest movement and never stopped. He has been a labor and civil rights attorney for nearly 40 years. He has represented and still does represent some of the most militant unions in NYC, and has represented thousands of workers in cases involving employment discrimination, wage theft, and unfair termination. He was General Counsel to ACORN before its demise, and out of it launched a public interest firm which does education, housing, elder law, and gay rights litigation.

Arthur is politically active. He was in court for Occupy Wall Street, trying to stop the police from shutting it down, and represents NY Black Lives Matter, the Black Institute, and other progressive groups. For 22 years he has been Democratic District Leader in the Village, was N.Y. Counsel to Bernie Sanders in 2016 (and a convention delegate), Treasurer for Zephyr Teachout’s 2014 campaign against Andrew Cuomo, was elected as a pro-Obama delegate to the 2008 Democratic Convention, and was a founder and is Political Director for the New York Progressive Action Network.

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