WBAI Needs Your Help!

WBAI is radio for the 99%! Unlike commercial radio, we have no rich corporations as sponsors, no deep well of corporate support to keep us on the air. What we have is better - you, the listeners and members of WBAI!

You are our primary sponsors. You provide the bulk of the funding to keep the signal on the air, bringing you the unique content that's not found anywhere else on the radio dial. We can't do it without you. Check the icons below to explore the wealth of different options we offer for you to support WBAI. Donate today and help keep this honored and beloved institution on the air!

And remember, anyone who donates $25 (or more) to WBAI becomes a member, eligible to stand for, and vote for the Local Station Board, which helps determine the future direction of WBAI!

Donate Cash

PayPal One-Time Cash Donation
Paypal is the most secure and efficient way to send money across the Web. You don't have to be a Paypal member in order to donate to WBAI. You can donate with any credit/debit card, bank account, or your own Paypal account. Click the button below to donate.

Donate BAI Buddy

Recurring Monthly Donation
Become a BAI Buddy by committing to a recurring monthly donation to WBAI. Your generous automatic monthly gift will help keep WBAI on the air!

Plus, enjoy the perks that come with being a BAI Buddy, including discounted theater tickets, special offers at restaurants and clubs, discount or free tickets to museums and exhibits, and savings on many other products and services.

Donate Online

One-Time Cash Donation With Thank-You Gift
Visit our online WBAI store to select a thank-you gift as our way of showing our appreciation for your generous contribution to WBAI. Gifts include WBAI logo wear and merchandise, DVDs, CDs, books, health-care and organic nutritional products plus seminars and other services, all tied to your level of giving. You will often hear these products mentioned on-the-air, and going to give2wbai.org lets you browse through our robust assortment of gifts for donors.


Other Ways of Donating

Donate Favorite Show

Show your appreciation for your favorite show by becoming a sponsor! Click the image above to make a one-time donation in the name of your favorite WBAI show.

donate matching

A number of wonderful employers in the New York City area have partnered with WBAI to generously match contributions made by their employees - in essence, doubling the donation to WBAI.

Click the image above to see if your company is on the list. If it is, contact your company to arrange a matched donation.


Any time you search the Internet using
goodsearch, or purchase through a goodshop
partner site or dine-in or -out through gooddining, goodsearch makes a donation to WBAI!

Don't waste your Internet searches! Click the image above to visit goodsearch.com and let your Internet searches do some good for WBAI!

donate your car

Put that old clunker to use - help support WBAI by donating your car, regardless of condition to a worthy cause. It's a lot easier than selling or junking it, and you'll feel a lot better for donating it!

Click the image above to visit our Donate Your Car page.

ddonate bequest

Leave a legacy that truly matters. Remember WBAI in your will and know that your bequest will help ensure that WBAI's message of peace, tolerance, and inclusion continues to inspire New Yorkers long into the future.

To include WBAI in your will, please call the WBAI Development Director at 347.335.0066. We will be glad to answer any questions and assist you in arranging your bequest.

Donate Stock Options

A truly painless way to do a great deal of good! Donate stock to WBAI and get the full tax deduction regardless of the price when WBAI cashes it in.

To donate securities, call the WBAI Development Director at 347.335.0066 for further details.

Don't want to donate online? Send your check or money order, made out to WBAI, to:

att: Development
388 Atlantic Avenue
NYC, NY 11217

During a fund raising drive:

The phone number to call is 516.620.3602.

Having a problem with a Premium?

Have an issue with a premium that you pledged for? Click here to submit your issue online. Please note: premiums usually arrive 6 - 8 weeks after your fund drive pledge is made.