New York in Crisis:
WBAI's Coronavirus Diary
New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the planet. The battle against the virus has profoundly changed Americans’ way of life. For some, it means death. WBAI's Celeste Katz Marston is collecting the stories of New Yorkers fighting their way through the storm.

Episode 16

Denise Frederick, a nanny, home attendant, and member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, talks about the challenges of working safely -- and with fair treatment -- in a pandemic.

Episode 15

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) speaks about public health, public policy, the economy, and justice in the time of coronavirus.

Episode 14

Ling Tang of Queens, a performer and teacher of traditional Chinese dance, talks about how the pandemic has affected her -- and her family in her hometown of Wuhan.

Episode 13

Alisha Joseph, a high school senior from Brooklyn, talks about maintaining a positive attitude even as students' treasured graduation traditions are delayed or derailed.

Episode 12

CeFaan Kim, a reporter with WABC TV New York and co-chair of the Asian American Journalists Association's MediaWatch group, talks about pandemic-related challenges facing the city's AAPI community.

Episode 11

Dr. Rafael Hernandez shares his experience of going straight from medical school to caring for Covid-19 patients as a junior physician at a New York hospital.

Episode 10

Danielle Oteri, founder of Arthur Avenue Food Tours, talks about adapting a Bronx business to a changed world.

Episode 9

Shari Beatty, a neonatal intensive care nurse from Manhattan, shares what it's like caring for the most fragile newborns amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Episode 8

David German of Long Island shares what it's like caring for his wife, Linda, who has Alzheimer's, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 7

Alex Aronovich, a married gay man who lives in Manhattan, talks about being turned away after being asked to donate plasma following his recovery from Covid-19.

Episode 6

John Oswald, a double amputee who lives in Manhattan, shares what it's like dealing with dialysis and learning to walk again as the coronavirus pandemic complicates health care services in New York.

Episode 5

J. * , a Manhattan gynecologist and abortion provider, discusses the challenges of doing her job during the coronavirus outbreak.

Episode 4

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer speaks about losing his mother, Arlene Stringer-Cuevas, to COVID-19.

Episode 3

Joelle Sedlmeyer of Brooklyn talks about getting sick amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 2

Juan Galloway, President and CEO of New York City Relief, a nonprofit serving the homeless, discusses the strain the pandemic has put on an already fragile social service system.

Episode 1

New York City Council Member Danny Dromm of Queens speaks about losing five friends in less than a week to Covid-19.