Concerns Over Hydrofracking Expressed at Joint Legislative Hearing on Health
- Albany, NY 01/30/2013 by Jim Krivo (WBAI)

On Wednesday, January 30, a joint legislative hearing on health and Medicaid was held in Albany, New York.

Hundreds of people attended the hearing, including numerous protesters. The activists, who adorned their mouths with duct tape and clad themselves in lab coats and surgical masks, were responding to the Health Department’s scientific evaluation on hydrofracking. The evaluation has not yet been made available to the public, and many fear that it will not adequately assess all of the health and environmental risks involved in hydrofracking.

During the hearing, many of the state legislators expressed concern over the dangers of hydrofracking. Dr. Nirav Shah, Commissioner of Health for the State of New York, explained that the scientific report from the Department of Health will be accessible to the public in a few weeks.

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Antifracking Activists Outside Hearing