A New York federal judge declares part of the NYPD's Stop n Frisk progam unconstitutional
- 01/08/2013 by Andrea Sears (WBAI)

A federal judge today ordered the NYPD to immediately end the practice of unconstitutionally stopping innocent people in public areas outside private apartment buildings in the Bronx.  In a class action lawsuit filed last March by the New York Civil Liberties Union, The Bronx Defenders, Latino Justice PRLDEF and the law firm Shearman and Sterling LLP, Judge Shira Scheindlin also found that for years the NYPD has known, or should have known, that its officers routinely violate constitutional rights through its Clean Halls program, that the department fails to inadequately train officers about when they can legally stop someone for trespassing, and that the practice has “risen to the level of deliberate indifference”.  WBAI's Andrea Sears spoke to Alexis Karteron, staff attorney with the New York Civil Liberties Union

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