Anti-Fracking Activists rally outside Governor Cuomo fundraiser at Waldorf Astoria
- 01/07/2013 by Rebecca Myles (WBAI)

Activists against fracking are rallying this evening outside the Waldorf Astoria in New York City where Governor Cuomo will be holding his annual Birthday Fundraiser.  The fundraiser was postponed from December 6 because of Hurricane Sandy.

Several hundred activists are expected to attend the rally to tell Governor Cuomo not to open the Southern Tier of the State for hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.  Members and representatives will be there from United for Action, Sane Energy Project, Frack Action, Three Parks Independent Democrats, and NYC Friends of Clearwater.

At the end of the rally they will present the Governor with a 10 foot by 3 foot birthday card which reads Happy Birthday Governor Cuomo, Ban Fracking Now! signed by the people attending tonight’s rally.

WBAI’s Rebecca Myles spoke to one of tonight’s organizers, Seth Goldstone, regional communications manager with Food and Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy group

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