- 12/06/2012


The WBAI Silent Art Auction was a resounding success. The Steven Kasher Gallery was filled to capacity from the time the doors opened until all attempts to end the night failed and gallery goers kept going!

Attendees included NYC art world personalities, WBAI listeners, major donors, several LSB members, and total strangers to WBAI. Attesting to the power of our advertising, online bids came from as far away as Scotland and Germany.

Though we had a successful evening, works are still available online, many at reduced rates and can be bid upon until Wednesday, DEC 20 at 10pm EST.

WBAI is astounded by the LOVE expressed by both the artists who contributed their work but also by the many new friends and admirers who attended.

Kudos go out to Jim Wintner, the curator, who's curatorial genius landed WBAI some amazing and historic donations of artwork.

Pictured below from the evening, clockwise starting on left:

1-WBAI Interim Development Director and Art Auction Co-ordinator Andrea Katz in front of her personal favorite works by artist Jennifer Mack.

2 - Artist Beatrice Coron with her paper cut piece - you may have seen her work while riding the subway.

3- Photographer Builder Levy.

4- Art Auction Curator Jim Wintner of Benefit Events - hanging the show earlier in the day.

5- Artist Frank Craven who wore some of his activist art...

6-Photographer Robert Lach.

7- The packed Steven Kasher Gallery- the space entirely donated by Steven Kasher.

8-WBAI Social Networking Intern, Michael Holmes with contributing artist Charles Mingus III.

9-In goatee, artist Mark Kehoe, in foreground WBAI producer Sandy Boyer.

10- Photographer Jonathan Auch.

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