Help / Support for Wallmart Strikers
- 11/24/2012 (WBAI)

When Walmart workers speak out for change, Walmart has sought to silence and intimidate them. But now they’re fighting back. Many have already walked out on strike and many more promised to make this Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, a memorable one of the company.

We all know that Walmart doesn’t pay its workers well. To miss a day of work (especially a day with additional holiday pay) means that many workers will lose out on valuable dollars right as the holiday season approaches.

But with your help, these brave workers won’t have to bear the financial burden alone. Your donations will go to Walmart strikers as food cards to cover the amount of hours they lose as a result of the strike.

Please note: The Stand Up, Live Better Fund accepts contributions only from individuals who are not employers or agents of an employer. The fund is administered by Making Change at Walmart in conjunction with OUR Walmart. 100% of funds  received (after WePay takes their 2.9% charge for their service) will go to support workers on strike.

Contributions to the the Stand Up, Live Better Fund are not tax deductible as charitable donations.

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