Protests at Columbia University
- New York 04/21/2024 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

On Thursday  a pro-Palestinian protest encampment at Columbia University was removed. The occupation of 50 tents and banners read“Liberated Zone” and “Gaza Solidarity”  Students are calling for a cease fire -an end to Israel’s military action in Israel and for the University to divest from companies which they say “profit from Israeli apartheid.”

The protest began Wednesday April 17th at 4:30am and it continued through a House Education Congressional Committee hearing into antisemitism at Columbia University later that day -That’s where University President Shafik and trustees were grilled on antisemitic incidents on campus and later criticized for not backing all students and for calling in the NYPD to help break up the protests.. Dr. Cornell West at the protest on Thursday said the University should be ashamed. 

Hear him interviewed by students from Columbia University's radio station WKCR and more by clicking on the broadcast button above.  After the News Overview, we take WKCR covering the ongoing protests live. 

headline photo
Pro-Palestinian Protest Just Outside of Columbia University, April 21, 2024 Photo: LP, WBAI


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