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- 00/00/0000 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

—Iranophobia by Trump in his mideast trip by the Saudis and Israelis. Trump in Israel and in Saudi Arabia during the weekend was filled with Iran bashing used as justification for the War in Yemen and a $110 Billion U.S. arms deal for the Saudis, up to $350 in ten years. While Saudi Arabia is using U.S. arms and bombs against Iran in their war in Yemen, that population is starving and is being blocked from receiving humanitarian aid. Health officials are struggling to contain a cholera outbreak.

Trump says it was "terrible" for the U.S. to enter the Iran deal. "Instead of saying thank you to the United States, they now feel emboldened."  Iran President Rouhani says the Islamic Republicis waiting to understand what the Trump administration wants. Meanwhile defense stocks soared in the U.S. to an all time high. There are over a dozen Trump officials with ties to the defense industry.

—Other Trump News -Mike Flynn won't testify-Rep Cummings says Flynn lied to a congressional committee about money he got from RT-Haitians in the U.S, will get a 6 month reprieve. -Trump budget cuts human services, medicaid, Snap -Upstate NY communities angry with Rep. Faso worry over cuts to Planned Parenthood-More

—Ben Max of Gotham Gazette gives us this week in NYS and NYC Politics.

&Organizers of the Puerto Rican Parade say despite controversy they will honor Oscar Lopez Rivera