National Drug Card Savings Club Offer
- 05/17/2017

National Drug Card was created to help people with little or no prescription drug insurance to save money on their prescription drugs.  This includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens, on fixed incomes and Medicare; self-employed business-people who have to pay their own medical costs; families; college students; and those who have recently lost their jobs and benefits and may be struggling financially.  
Additionally, many people who have prescription benefits use our card to receive discounts on drugs not covered by their prescription plan (e.g. dermatology, elective procedures, weight loss, anti-smoking, and hormone therapy drugs).

Our Free Discount Prescription Card can help you save on approved brand-name and generic medications. The card can be used at participating local independent pharmacies and regional chains nationwide.

How does the Free Card work?

Simply present the card to the pharmacist when picking up your medication. Remember, this card is pre-activated and can be use right away at your local pharmacy. With this card there are no deductibles or fees, no forms to complete and everyone qualifies (this card covers your entire household). No personal information or SSN# is required.

Who needs the Free Drug Card?

·         Those with no insurance

·         College students

·         Pet owners

·         Those who may have insurance but have limitations like high deductibles,

           non- covered drugs, high copayments or caps on their benefits

·         Seniors who fall into the “donut hole” of their Medicare Part D

·         New employees who are in their waiting period for healthcare coverage

·         Employees who cannot afford COBRA payments when they lose their job

·         Employees who cannot afford to cover dependents

Millions of people are struggling to afford healthcare. Prescription drugs are a large component of every family’s budget. Our goal of helping people across the country save on their prescription medications is a MISSION worth joining. Best of all, it’s FREE!

National Drug Card also seeks partners who want to provide this card to their communities. Many Medical Facilities, Government Agencies, Non-Profits, Charities and Private Sponsors have already assisted in saving millions of dollars with this program nationwide. Please contact us through this website to see how you can help.