Qualifications And Job Description
- Brooklyn, New York 12/29/2014

Director of Facility and Technical Operations


- Demonstrated experience and knowledge of audio principles, practices and equipment with a high level of previous technical experience. Demonstrated supervisory experience required.

- Must have radio experience, computer skills, and familiar with latest broadcast software.

- Knowledge of and/or experience in digital production and equipment. Prior experience in broadcast media essential and public/community broadcasting very helpful.

- Demonstrated commitment to an environment with a diverse staff.

- Familiarity with social working.


Includes the oversight of the daily broadcasting facility and technical operations of the station on and off site:

1.    Schedule and supervise the use and maintenance of the broadcast and production sound studios.

2.    Prepare and maintain studio logs and department records assuring that they are in compliance with the station and FCC regulations.

3.    Schedule regular calendar cleaning and maintenance of equipment and coordinate as needed with other station departments.

4.    Provide technical and production support for programming departments including public affairs, arts, live radio and especially for the daily needs of the news department.

5.    Conduct regular operations departmental meetings with technical assistants, production engineer, chief announcer and others to help facilitate and plan work of department.

6.    Implement and supervise training classes for station staff that includes basic, mid-level, and advanced trainings on hardware and software.

7.    Participate and prepare facility and technical equipment for all fund-raising drives and special projects of the station.

8.    Maintain an equipment inventory.

9.    Prepare and submit payroll forms to fiscal office as per the payroll schedule.

10. Coordinate technical and equipment needs for station for on-site specials and all fundraising drives as well as off-site and remote broadcasts.

11. Research and recommend equipment and supplies for technical and facility needs.

12. Initiates and shows creativity in developing innovative

projects that support the station’s technical needs.

13.  On call 24/7 to manage equipment failures or station emergencies.

14. Takes full responsibility for managing all systems of a technical nature.