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International Women's Day 2014 on WBAI Radio is hosted this year by Mary Ann Miller, From The Women's Desk. Please find below the highlights of the festivities to be broadcast this Saturday, March 8th, from 3pm to 10pm. Along with details about our hosts and eminent guests expecting to attend and participate, and information about the background of this historic holiday, which takes place during March, Women's History Month.

Opening Ceremony: Mary Ann Miller, Kathryn Davis, Lorraine Currelley of The Harlem Arts Fund, Writing For Peace and Pearls of Wisdom Storytellers, and Cynthia Parsons McDaniel presenting 'The Least Known Actress In The World.'   

US Representative for New York's 12th congressional district Carolyn Maloney. In a phone conversation with Mary Ann Miller, to speak about her plans to re-introduce Equal Rights Amendment legislation.

Interim Development Director Andrea Katz with WBAI intern Aurelie Diese. Hosting a segment on the state of affairs of millenials + feminism, as well as cultural demands on ethnic communities of younger women. Guests include Adair Kleinpeter - Ross from the Barnard Research Center on Women, along with  African American artist Jennifer Mack whose work deals with these issues, Latina poet La Bruja, Nila Popal, videographer - Brooklyn College Women's Center, and Emily May from iHollaback.com.

Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi. The NYC based Italian, artist, will discuss her current exhibit Material Puns, at the International Fine Arts Consortium in NY. And exactly what that means, and what it has to do with Gabardi's pursuit of the self-ironic in society. The group show is titled Family Affairs: An Incestuous Avant-Garde Survey Of Art, and includes the works of Banksy, Keith Haring, Picasso and Warhol. Gabardi will also describe how International Women's Day is celebrated in Italy and across Europe.  

Naomi Brussel, co-host of Out-FM. In a conversation about lesbians in the Philippines, and same sex adoption issues.

Heart Of Mind host Kathryn Davis. A segment about the plight of young black women today.

Medea Benjamin of CodePink, just returned from Egypt. Where she was imprisoned and brutalized by Cairo police on her way to join a delegation traveling to Gaza in Palestine for a women’s conference. She is expected to phone in.

West Coast Poets On The Air

Judy Juanita: Her poetry has appeared in 13th Moon, Painted Bride Quarterly, Lips, Crab Orchard Review, Croton Review and Obsidian II. Her plays have been produced in Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, LA, and NYC. Juanita's first novel was Virgin Soul, a coming of age story whose protagonist joins the Black Panther Party in the sixties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her collection of essays, Labyrinthine: Essays On Becoming A Novelist, was published last month by EQD Press in Oakland.

Lynne Bronstein: She is a writer, journalist, and poet who lives in Santa Monica, and writes about social consciousness, sisterhood and sexuality. Her books include Border Crossings, Thirsty In The Ocean, Roughage, and Astray From Normalcy. Bronstein has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for poetry in 2014.

Julia Stein: An LA fiction writer and poet, Stein has published seven books of poetry. Her latest collection is What Were They Like, about
bringing peace after ten years of wars. She will be reading poems from Walking Through a River of Fire: 100 Years of Triangle Fire Poetry, in honor of the 102nd anniversary of the worker tragedy.

Karen Kevorkian: She is a fiction writer and poet whose work has appeared in numerous magazines. Including Antioch Review, Fiction International, 5 Fingers Review, Hambone, Los Angeles Review, Massachusetts Review, Mississippi Review, Rio Grande Review, River City Review, Third Coast, and Virginia Quarterly Review.

Carol Dorf: She is poetry editor of Talking Writing, whose most recent issue honors Muriel Rukeyser. She also teaches mathematics at Berkeley High School. Dorf's poetry has been published in Spillway, Sin Fronteras, The Mom Egg, Composite, Occupy SF, Fringe, About Place, The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Scientific American, Maintenant, OVS, Best of Indie Lit New England, and elsewhere.

Keiko Amano: She states, 'I have been writing since my mother died in 1996. Growing up, she forced me to practice the traditional art, Ocha (tea ceremony), but I rebelled against it and all the outmoded boring Japanese customs. My first memoir revolves around this major conflict between Mother and me starting in 1957 in Yokohoma, Japan.' Amano will read from her work, The Immediate Theater.

Performing artist Elizabeth Ruf Maldonado. Presenting a feature segment about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Occupy Wall Street. Including dramatizations of a monologue by Clara Lemlich organizing the young workers, and as a Wall Street Occupier singing the OWS anthem, Guitarmy. Which Maldonado wrote as a tribute to the Triangle martyrs and Pete Seeger. The phoenix rises from the ashes.

Earth Mum interviews Pearl Means. Widow of the late Native American rights activist, Russell Means.

Closing Remarks: Janet Coleman of Cat Radio Cafe.


International Women's Day has been recognized for over ninety-five years. Inspired by a celebration of working women in the United States, German socialist Klara Zetkin inaugurated International Women's Day in 1911.  The holiday eventually expanded to champion the cause of peace, as well as women's rights. In 1915, Zetkin organized a demonstration in Bern, Switzerland, to urge the end of World War I. Women on both sides protested against the war.

Zetkin, along with Russian revolutionary Aleksandra Kollontai, mobilized the most prominent International Women's Day on  March 8, 1917. Known as the strike for bread and peace, it was organized by the Russian women of St. Petersburg. Kollontai, who eventually became a minister of the first Soviet government following the Revolution, convinced Lenin to establish March 8th as the official holiday. Which was subsequently a commemoration in honor of the heroic woman worker, and remains celebrated today.

International Women's Day has been observed in the United States since 1910. And there was a resurgence of its recognition with the advent of the women's movement in the 1960s. Today, International Women's Day is an official holiday in Russia, Crimea, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. And at WBAI Radio! And it is celebrated with popular marches and events all around the world.

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