- NYC 02/06/2014 by Bob Lederer (WBAI)

What a glorious occasion, to see Lynne -- accompanied by her husband Ralph -- get out of her wheelchair and walk toward the more than 100 family members, friends, and supporters. She was showered with hugs and kisses amidst chants of "We Love Lynne!" She answered many questions from reporters and producers from WBAI, Democracy Now!, and Prison Radio -- but none in sight from any corporate media. She visited excitedly with many folks.

In the midst of all the joy -- her own and ours -- and thanks for all who struggled to bring this moment about, she declared her release a "People's Victory," much needed by the movement. And she promised to commit herself to fight for the women she left behind in prison and for the freedom of all U.S. Political Prisoners.


This Valentine's Day, come see and share love for recently released People's Lawyer Lynne Stewart. 

Because of a determined peoples movement Lynne is finally home with her family. But she has urgent medical needs and costs. Lynne's Stage 4 breast cancer spread a year ago to her lung, back, bones, & lymph nodes. Now 74, she has lost weight and has trouble breathing; doctors estimate her lifespan at 12 months. Lynne will soon begin new treatments requiring her to pay deductibles & co-payments. To boost the odds, she'll use a special diet, vitamins, and other healing methods - some costly and none covered by insurance. Lynne's spirit is indomitable - help her fight to survive! “I fought lions, I fought tigers, and I’m not going to let cancer get me,” Stewart said.

Lynne has always come to the aid of those who needed her. Now it's our turn to stand by Lynne.

February 14, Friday, 6pm-9pm, come to St. Peter's Church - The Jazz Church - at 619 Lexington Ave (54th St & Lexington Ave) for a Fundraiser for Lynne's immediate medical needs. It will be an evening of song and celebration. Admission is free, though donations are suggested. 

For those who cannot make it, tune into WBAI 99.5FM or listen live at wbai.org to hear segments from the event, and click HERE to send Lynne a Valentine and a donation. 

Below is a listing of recent WBAI broadcasted coverage posted online.

All of these WBAI programs are available on the WBAI archive . Scroll to the date and time of the show to hear:

Tues., Dec. 31, 9-10 PM (pre-empted Muslim State of Mind slot) - Bob Lederer's Special on Lynne's release, including:
* interviews with family and supporters
* an interview with Lynne herself from Texas shortly after her release
* a detailed medical update, and
* a 2005 phone interview that Mumia Abu-Jamal did by phone (from Death Row) with Lynne, in which she challenges the premises of the prosecution's case against her.

Thurs., Jan. 2, around 7:50 AM - The Haskins & Hennelly program included Sally O'Brien's news report with excerpts from the welcome.

Thurs., Jan. 2 around 8:40 AM - Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman and Renee Feltz covered the whole welcome-home, and played excerpts. Video archive and transcript.

Thurs., Jan. 2 8-9 PM - On WBAI's Where We Live, co-producer Sally O'Brien and dequi kioni-sadiki presented Sally's news report based with excerpts from the welcome plus updates on the parole campaign for elderly, ailing people in NYS prisons.


Mon., Jan. 6 between 7 & 8 PM - On WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Labor and Community Report, Mimi Rosenberg will run part of her recordings of Lynne's welcome for half of the hour.


For more on Lynne Stewart's return and ongoing updates and events, go to http://lynnestewart.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Lynne-Stewart/113306425405940

NY1, the 24-hour TV news station covering NYC, had a surprisingly fair report on Lynne's release. While they didn't send a film crew to LaGuardia, they did interview Lynne and Ralph at her son's home where she will be living. See a 2-minute video clip and text article here.

The background of Lynne's legal case and the campaign to free her, are on cprmetro.org (Community Progressive Radio for the Metropolitan NY Area - and the World) and archived (1 hour, 40 min.) at http://youtu.be/Oz-enHKtAzM. The video is also posted below.

Special thanks to WBAI producers Sally O'Brien and Mimi Rosenberg, as well as Democracy Now producers Amy Goodman and Renee Feltz, for all the coverage they provided today, as well as to WBAI Interim Program Director Bob Hennelly for arranging air time on WBAI, and WBAI operations staff members Tony Ryan, Max Schmid, and Reggie Johnson, for all their technical support, WBAI Interim Development Director Andrea Katz for web support, and WBAI and Pacifica Board member Cerene Roberts for proposing the past two days of live WBAI coverage.

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Lynne Stewart is welcomed by family and friends at Laguadia Airport


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